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Dumfries Learning Town

Dumfries and Galloway Council is taking forward the review of Dumfries Schools, in conjunction with the wider regeneration agenda for the town.

Logo - Dumfries Learning Town
Logo - Dumfries Learning Town

Introduction to the Project

Dumfries Learning Town is about planning and delivering education on a whole town basis and not looking at schools individually. We want to make sure that all of our young people benefit equally. We want to make sure that our Schools, College, Universities and Local Business work together for the best. Most importantly, we want to make sure that your child's school experience is the best that it can be and leads on to further study or a job.

In 2008, Councillors agreed that options be explored for varying levels of integration of the four existing secondary schools (with other services) and primary schools should be progressed, alongside exploring the development of a new model of education provision for young people. Over the last 5 years engagement with pupils, parents, teachers, learning and commercial partners have helped to forge an Emerging Option for Dumfries that places investment in Education in Dumfries (with wider impacts for Dumfries and Galloway) as a priority project for the Council.

In June 2013, an update presented to Education Committee that reflected much of the work to date for Elected Members to consider. This focused around 2 Options. It was agreed at Committee for work to progress with an Outline Business Case that would present these and any emerging Options within a fiscal and educational context for further scrutiny by Education Committee and Full Council by the end of 2013.

Current Progress

DLT - solutions diagram
As of April 2014, we are continuing to work with our local and national partners to develop the fiscal and educational workstreams as outlined in the Business Case below. Teachers across our schools are working together to build on existing best practice and developing a plan for future delivery of education that provides increased relevant opportunities for all pupils through making the most of all of the resources within and outwith school environments.

Dumfries Learning Town Outline Business Case

The outline business case for Dumfries Learning Town was completed for presentation to Education Committee and Full Council 2013.

The document can be downloaded here, or via your local school, or through the Ewart Library Archive, Dumfries.

If you have any questions or wish any further information, please contact us at DumfriesLearningTown@dumgal.gov.uk.

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