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Trading standards advice for businesses

Our Council's Trading Standards team provide trading advice and information for businesses across the region to ensure that they understand their rights and responsibilities.

To ensure that the actions we take are proportionate to risks and that our resources are concentrated in the areas that need them most, Trading Standards carry out risk assessment of businesses. Risk assessment involves identifying and measuring the potential for harm if businesses do not comply with Trading Standards laws. There are many factors involved with risk assessment such as the type of business, the volume and complexity of legislation, the size of the business etc. Trading Standards follow a nationally accepted and recognised risk assessment scheme.

Visits to trade premises allow us to sample and test products and give traders an opportunity to ask questions and reassure themselves that they are trading fairly. Visits are carried out in accordance with the pdf icon enforcement policy [41kb].

  • Image of the Scales Weights and Measures
    Trading Standards play an important part in ensuring that the UK's system of weights and measures is fair, accurate and legal. This allows businesses to compete with each other fairly. Consumers and businesses can have confidence that the goods purchased will be of the correct quantity.
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  • Image of DVD in a stack Fair trading
    Fair trading legislation aims to promote and protect consumer interests whilst ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive. Legislation enforced by Trading Standards includes pricing, consumer credit, descriptions of goods, protecting intellectual property rights including copyright and trade marks, unfair trading, hallmarking, estate agents, doorstep selling, distance selling, sale of goods and age restricted products.
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  • Thumbnail for the poison sign Safety
    Our Council's Trading Standards team ensures that traders and the products they sell comply with current safety legislation. As well as providing business support and advice, the team monitor unsafe products and unscrupulous traders and investigate complaints relating to unsafe products.
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  • Image of a sheep and a lamb Animal health and welfare
    Dumfries and Galloway is predominantly a rural area, and home to farms and agricultural holdings of all types. The region has 5 livestock markets, a slaughterhouse, 2 ports and various agricultural shows and events.
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