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Support and advice for private homeowners and tenants

Private homeowners are responsible for maintaining and repairing their homes but our Council can offer some support and advice to help owners and tenants if necessary.

Scheme of Assistance

Our Council's Scheme of Assistance sets out how we provide advice and assistance to help homeowners improve the quality of private housing in the region:

Grants for private properties below tolerable standards

Grants may be available if there are significant breaches of tolerable standards in private housing. Our Council will assess whether the following elements apply:

  • The main fabric of the property is structurally unstable
  • There is not an adequate supply of wholesome water and the property does not have a sink provided with a satisfactory supply of both hot and cold water.
  • The property does not have a water closet or waterless closet available for the exclusive use of the occupants of the house.
  • The property Is not substantially free from rising or penetrating damp
  • The property does not have a fixed bath or shower and a wash hand basin, each provided with a satisfactory supply of both hot and cold water and suitably located within the house.
  • The property does not have an effective system for the drainage and disposal of foul and surface water.

We will not provide financial assistance if:

  • The owner acquired the house knowing its condition with a view to developing it, or
  • The owner removed standard amenities themselves.

Below Tolerable Standards grants are subject to funding being available when an enquiry is made. 

Grants for lead pipe replacement

Funding may be available to assist with the removal of lead pipes supplying drinking water if testing has identified lead content in the water. Homeowners can contact our Environmental Standards team on 030 33 33 3000 to arrange for a lead sample to be taken.

We will not provide financial assistance if:

  • The property is not the applicant's only or main home, or
  • The applicant has not lived in the house for at least six months.

Assistance is only available for the full replacement of lead pipe from the mains supply to the property. Partial replacement of piping, such as repairing a burst section, is not eligible for grant assistance as it does not significantly reduce the levels of lead within drinking water.

Work to meet the needs of a disabled person

Care and Repair is a free service providing advice and practical assistance for elderly and disabled homeowners and private tenants who require adaptions to their homes so that they can continue to live independently.

Care and Repair - Dumfries
27 Moffat Road

Tel: 01387 321310
Email: careandrepair@loreburn.co.uk

Care and Repair - Stranraer
8 Castle Street

Tel: 01776 700909
Email: careandrepair@loreburn.co.uk

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