Haaf Net Fishing in Annan

We manage Haaf Net fishing in Annan. Fishing is not permitted from 6pm on Friday until 6am the following Monday.


  • West - from the mouth of the River Annan to the Solway border with England
  • East - from the Altar Stone to Battlehill 


The season is currently closed.

  • Salmon - 1 June until 6pm on Friday 7 September
  • Trout - 1 May until 6pm on Friday 7 September 

Throughout the season, no fishing shall take place from 6pm on Friday until 6am the following Monday.


Applications are currently closed.


Regulations apply. Haaf Net rules and guidelines are provided with licences.

Procedure for Allocation of Haaf Net Licences

The Annan Common Good Fund Sub-Committee hold the rights to 47 Haaf Net Licences, 30 of these allow for Salmon and 17 are for Trout only.

Call 030 33 33 3000 or email fishings@dumgal.gov.uk for further information

Page last updated: 10/09/2018
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