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Leadership improves Hoddom

Hoddom Primary School and Nursery have undergone a follow-through inspection by Education Scotland. Considering areas previously identified for improvement, the inspectors found that the school had made good progress.

In the nursery and at the primary stages, inspectors found that the children are well cared for and feel safe in school. Relationships were judged to be very positive, reflecting the value placed on mutual respect and trust. The inspectors indicated that almost all children are engaged in their learning and that the children in the nursery benefit from experiences that match their interests.

Attainment in literacy and numeracy shows improvement across the primary stages and the school's focus on mental agility in numeracy is helping the children to make confident and accurate written calculations.

Education Scotland inspectors found good consistency in high quality learning and teaching. Teachers are skilled in using effective approaches to inform how well children are learning and achieving. They support and challenge children through tasks and activities planned to meet their learning needs.

The inspectors indicated that staff have fostered strong team working and have a clear understanding of what they want children to achieve through Curriculum for Excellence. They plan and provide real life opportunities for children to apply skills and knowledge. Teachers and nursery staff are reflective and continually looking for ways to share good practice with one another.

The Headteacher, who has been in post for 12 months, was commended for her leadership., with inspectors stating that this is having a significantly positive impact on improving the school and nursery.

As a result of the good progress made, Education Scotland won't visit again in connection with the original inspection.

Headteacher Melinda Clark said:

Our whole school community has worked hard to improve the learning experiences for all children at Hoddom Primary. So, we're pleased and encouraged that Education Scotland has recognised the progress that we've made and we're committed and determined to build on our successes.

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning committee, said:

Providing the best start in life for all our children is a priority for our Council. So, I'm very pleased with Education Scotland's positive report on Hoddom Primary School and Nursery. I'd like to thank and congratulate all staff and pupils who contributed towards this.

Page last updated: 26/04/17