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Future options for Gracefield Arts Centre

We're looking at whether Gracefield Arts Centre's the current services and facilities could be improved if they were re-located to a more central location in Dumfries or if improvements could be made on the existing site.

We created a survey to find out:

  • how people use Gracefield at present
  • what an art gallery in Dumfries should offer in future years
  • what the most important consideration are when it comes to location

Over 1,000 people took part in the consultation between November 2016 and January 2017. The feedback we received will inform a report on future options for Gracefield Arts Centre to be considered by the councillors in late 2017.

Headline results

How and why you use Gracefield today

94% of respondents had been to Gracefield before. 52% of the people who had visited in the last 12 months had attended at least four times.

The main reason for visiting Gracefield is to see exhibitions. The café and craft shop were also popular reasons to visit. Typically people spend between £6 and £20 on food and drink in the café or buying things in the craft shop.

Which services/facilities should be part of future provision

  1. Exhibitions featuring artists and makers from Dumfries and Galloway
  2. Exhibitions featuring nationally/ internationally known artists and makers
  3. Exhibitions featuring art from the Gracefield Collection of Scottish Art

What an art gallery in Dumfries should offer in the future

  1. Free access to local, national and international exhibitions
  2. Care of the Gracefield Permanent Collection so that it is accessible to future generations
  3. Promoting Dumfries and Galloway as a centre of visual arts and crafts excellence to local and visitor audiences

What new services/facilities should be included in a new arts centre

  1. A permanent display on the history of Scottish Art
  2. Artist's studios that the public can visit
  3. An archives and local studies centre

What factors would encourage you and your family to attend more often

  1. Continued free entry
  2. More exhibitions by local artists
  3. More national/international contemporary art exhibitions

What the most important considerations are when deciding on location

  1. The location has space for exhibitions, meeting and activity rooms, café and craft shop all on one site
  2. There is parking space for users at or very close to the location
  3. Users can get to the location by walking, cycling or by using public transport

Further information

You can also look at more detailed results which provide further information on the responses behind the headline results:

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