Copies of registration certificates

You can purchase additional copies of certificates for births, deaths, marriages or civil partnerships from us.


You'll have to pay a fee for your certificate:

  • At registration or within one month of registering - £10
  • When showing an original - £10
  • All other copies - £15

There is a £10 charge for replacements sent by post.

Information required

You need to give us a few details:

  • Birth certificates - the child's full name, the date of birth, the place of birth and the mother's maiden surname.
  • Death certificates - the deceased person's full name, the date of death and the place of death.
  • Marriage certificates - the full names of both parties, the date of marriage and place of marriage.
  • Civil partnership certificates - the full names of both partners, the date of partnership and the place of partnership.

Request a certificate

You can:

Contact the National Records of Scotland to request a copy of a birth certificate for someone who was adopted.

Contact details

Call: 030 33 33 3004

Page last updated: 01/04/2024
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